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Transcribed by Marge Matteson

Will of Anna Mattison--Daughter of Peter Matteson and Mahala (Vaughn) Matteson
Dated December 2, 1880, Proved February 1, 1881

I, Anna Mattison of Shaftsbury in the County of Bennington and
State of Vermont, being in poor health, at the same time in my
own apprehension of sound mind, judge it best to make, and
do hereby make this my last will and testament. It is my will
that all my just debts and the charges of my funeral be paid by
my executor hereinafter named and appointed out of my estate
as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. I give and
devise and dispose of all my estate, real and personal save
what shall be necessary for the payment of my just debts and
funeral charges, in the following manner. It is my will first
that five hundred dollars of my estate be paid and laid
out by my said executor to procure a burial lot for me
and to erect a monument to my grave, and to properly
fence said lot. I give to my brother Robert Mattison, the sum
of One Thousand dollars, I also give to him all that he is ow-
ing me upon note or otherwise, and I direct that my said exe-
cutor deliver up to the said Robert Mattison all notes or other-
evidence of indebtedness which I may have and hold against
him at the time of my decease, as soon as may be after my
decease. The two cows and carriage owned by me I also give
to said Robert Mattison. I give to the children of my deceased
brother Gilbert Mattison, namely, Loren Mattison, Niles Mat-
tison and Margaret Vaughn the sum of five hundred dol-
lars each. I give to Franklin Mattison the son of my deceased
brother Peter Mattison the sum of one thousand dollars. I give
to the children of my deceased brother Daniel Mattison the sum
of one thousand dollars to be equally divided among them, to be
paid to them as soon as may be after my decease. It is my
will that my household effects of whatsoever name or nature
be given to and divided among my nieces. And it is my will
that my sister Phebe Rice, and my brother Robert Mattison,
shall divide said household effect among my said nieces
as they may think it best and right. The balance of my
estate both real and personal of whatsoever name or nature
I give grant and devise to my sister Phebe Rice of Bennington
to have and to hold forever. And I hereby nominate, constitute
and appoint my brother Robert Mattison to be executor of this
my last will and testament. In testimony wherof I hereto
set my hand and seal and publish and declare this to

end page 378

be my last will and testament this second day of
December in the year of our Lord, One Thousand
Eight Hundred and eighty.
                                         Anna Mattison

Signed, sealed, published and
declared by the said Anna
Mattison as her last will
and testament, in presence
of us, who have hereunto
subscribed our names as
witnesses thereto, at the re-
quest of and in the presence
of the said testatrix, and in
the presence of each other.

        Alex. M. Huling
        Otis Howard
        Helen Noyes

          A record whereof is ordered to be made
           A true Record
                     Attest E L Sibley

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