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The Verbatus Matteson Family Tragedies


MATTESON  VURBADUS 1810cApr 21, 1851CY135
MATTESON  VURBADUS U 1853cFeb 25, 1854 CY135

Verbatus Matteson was the son of Charles & Meribah (Matteson) Matteson. He was born 7 June 1812 and died 21 April 1854. Verbatus is buried in Maple Root Cemetery in Coventry, R.I.. Verbatus was klled at Lawtons Mill in Exeter,R.I. by being caught in a Gining machine. Both arms were torn off and a hole cut in his side. He lived about three hours. He left a wife and four children:

First marriage: 15 july 1834 in West Greenwich,R.I. to Mary Whitford, daughter of Nicholas & Martha (Spencer) Whitford: Mary was born 29 July 1799 died 7 March 1836 buried W.G.R.I.
Children:---- Born in West Greewich, R.I.

1.Nicholas Whitford Matteson/Mathewson b.30 Nov.1834  Killed in Civil War- Frederickburg,Va. died 13 Dec.1862
2. Infant son B & D 6 March 1836.

Nicholas was married 22 Oct.1854 to Hannah E. Rose. She was born 16 Sept.1836
d.12 Feb.1917. Hannah E. Rose was a daughter of Rufus Minor Pose & Susan C. (Northup) Rose. Hannah married 2nd David A.Crowell.

They had two Children:
1.Mary A. or W. Born 8 Nov.1857 North Kingstown,R.I.& Married 9 Feb.1885 Charles Millnot Crandall Of John & Mary.
2.Charles A. Born 20 Sept.1859 N.K.R.I. Died 10 Dec.1910. Married:& Mary Lizzie Saunders,of Elias & Mary K.Saunders /2/ Ella Merton Brown of Oliver & Sarah T. Brown.

Verbatus married 2nd Mary A. Greene on 14 Feb.1838. Mary A.Greene died 15 Feb.1883 in N.K.R.I.

Their Children:
1.Calvin Matteson b.@1838 died 10 Jan.1846.
2.James Matteson b.@ 1844 died 13 Dec.1905.Married: Unknown. N.K.,marriage bk.#4 Pages 48-49.
3.Calvin Rhodes Matteson b.30 Oct.1846 N.K. died 22 Dec.1864.
4.Mary Annie Matteson b.11 Aug.1849 N.K. died 23 June 1928.
5.Celia Greene Matteson b.29 June 1851 N.K. died 31 Oct.1866.
6. Verbatus U. Matteson b. 4 Feb.1853 D.25 Feb.1854....

Calvin Rhodes Matteson was on Steamer ship "North America" it went down, with all hands on board 22 Dec.1864,off Cape Hatteras.....
I also have info on the 3 brothers when in Civil War. from 7th R.I. Infantry...

By Charles (Butch) Matteson

From: The Seventh Regiment of RI Volunteers in the Civil War, 1862 - 1865, Pages 401 - 402
by William P. Hopkins, Snow & Farmham Printers, Providence, RI, 1903

CALVIN R. MATHEWSON. Calvin Rhodes Mathewson, a brother of Nicholas, was born in North Kingstown Oct. 30, 1846. Evidently the initial of his middle name cannot be K., official records to the contrary notwithstanding. He was but fifteen at the time of his enlistment, and hailed from Coventry Centre. He was not strong, and, consequently, speedily found himself in the hospital. He was absent from the regiment sick after Dec. 20, 1862, and was discharged April 2, 1863, at the Portsmouth Grove Hospital. After attending school nearly a year he enlisted Feb. 17, 1864, in Company G., Third Rhode Island Cavalry, joined the regiment in Louisiana, and participated in the Red River campaign, after which he was sent to a hospital in New Orleans. On December 10th he was discharged, and, with many others, similarly conditioned, was sent to New York on the steamer 'North America'. She went down, however, with all on board, on December 22d, off Cape Hatteras. James Mathewson, another brother, enlisted at the age of seventeen in Battery G, First Rhode Island Light Artillery, Capt. George W. Adams, and served through the entire war. He had a horse shot at Fredericksburg, and was wounded near Cedar Creek.

NICHOLAS W. MATHEWSON. Nicholas Whitford Mathewson, son of Verbadus and Mary Whitford Mathewson, was born in West Greenwich, R.I., Nov. 30, 1834.  Most of his life was spent in North Kingstown, at the village of Hamilton, then called 'Bissell's Narrows'.  His occupation was mill operative.  In 1854 he married Hannah E., daughter of Miner Rose, of North Kingstown.  He was very tall and therefore was almost always on the extreme right of his company.  While the regiment was waiting in the streets of Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 13, 1862, the head of his company was opposite a cross street down which the Conferates were firing with their artillery.  One of the shots struck Nicholas taking off both feet.  He did not survive many hours.  He left two children, Mary W. and Charles A., of Wickford, with whom the widow now resides, though in the intervening time she again married, so that her present surname is Crowell. A few years ago the family changed its name from Mathewson to Matteson. 

The Seventh Regiment of RI Volunteers in the Civil War, 1862 - 1865

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