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The Mathewson Line

From: New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial Vol 4
New York Lewis Historical Publishing Co. 1915
by William Richard Cutter

(II) Josiah Matteson or Mathewson, son of Henry Matteson (q. v.), was born about 1690. He lived at West Greenwich. Among his children was Josiah, mentioned below.

(III) Josiah Matteson or Mathewson, son of Josiah, was born about 1730. He and his father were both living in 1774, when the state census was taken. The father had four males over sixteen, two under sixteen, two females over sixteen, and two under that age. Josiah Jr. had two males over sixteen, two under that age, and one female over sixteen in his family. In 1790 Josiah Mathewson, senior, had three males over sixteen and three females in his family at West Greenwich, while his son, Josiah Jr., had two males over sixteen, two under that age, and one female. Among his sons was Russell, mentioned below. He married Mercy Nichols.

(IV) Russell Mathewson, son of Josiah, was born in 1774. He married Mary Straight. Among their children was David A., mentioned below.

(V) David A. Mathewson, son of Russell Mathewson, lived in Coventry, Kent county, Rhode Island. He married Sarah Sherman, daughter of John and Judith (Bowen) Sherman (see Sherman).

(VI) Bradford N. Mathewson, son of David A. Mathewson, married Harriet Rogers Hart. Children: I. Josephine, born July 6, 1842; married, July 18, 1864, J. W. Butts, of Providence ; children: Harry Hoyle, born December 5, 1865, married, August 19, 1887, Margaret Anderson Giles; Harriet Hart, October 10, 1871, married, December 18, 1893, Charles Lincoln Vaughan, and had George Wheaton Carr Vaughan, April 5, 1895, and Charles Lincoln Vaughan, September 9, 1896. 2. Imogene, born March 4, 1848, married, April 17, 1871, Dr. George Wheaton Carr (see Carr). 3. Florentine, May 26, 1851, married, April 10, 1876, Benjamin Dunham Weeden (see Weeden).

*Josiah Matteson III is incorrectly identified as beng the son of Josiah Matteson II. He is the son of Joseph Matteson II.

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