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Joseph Warren Madison

From: History of Washington and Kent Counties,Rhode Island
by J. R. Cole W.W.Preston & Co., New York, 1889

JOSEPH WARREN MADISON.--Ezekiel Matteson, the grandfather of the subject of this biography, was a resident of West Greenwich. His son Joseph (who changed the orthography of the name and spelled it as at present, Madison) was also a native of West Greenwich, but spent the larger part of his life in North Kingstown as a farmer, having for twenty-five years rented the farm he afterward purchased. He married Celia, daughter of John Fowler, whose children were three sons: Joseph Warren, John Harris and Thomas Edwin, the last two being deceased, and three daughters: Hannah (widow of Christopher Allen), Almy and Mary Ann.

Joseph Warren, the eldest of these children, was born on the 10th of September, 1820, in West Greenwich, from whence he removed with his parents in infancy to North Kingstown. His advantages of education were limited to the district school which he was able to attend only in the winter months, his time at that early date having been found quite important in the work of the farm. He continued thus employed until the age of twenty-four, meanwhile becoming master of the wheelwright's trade. This he never followed as pursuit, but found of great service in the improvement of the estate to which his life has been mainly devoted. On the 25th of December, 1844, he married Miss Maria, daughter of Alfred and Anne Smith, of Wickford, and granddaughter of Benjamin Smith of the same village. The children of this union are a son, George W., married to Fannie L, daughter of Salma Spink, of Quidnessett, and a daughter, Celia Maria, wife of Thomas Matthewson, son of S. W. Matthewson, of Narragansett Pier. George W. Madison has five, and Mrs. Matthewson two children. Mr. Madison in 1849 accepted the management of the extensive Ives property on Potowomut Neck and manifested such judgment, thrift and scrupulous integrity in the superintendence of its varied departments that his presence seems almost indispensable. He has recently relinquished to his son, who resides of the farm, much of the responsibility, though still spending several hours daily on the grounds. Mr. Madison has usually adhered to the principles of the republican party in politics, but has not been diverted from his legitimate pursuits to accept office either in town or county. He contributes to the support of the Quidnessett Baptist church, though not a member of that religious organization.

Joseph Slocum Madison, born 1860, is a son of John Harris Madison, born 1828, died 1887. The latter was a son of Joseph and grandson of Ezekiel Madison. John H. married Elizabeth A., daughter of Slocum Godfrey and Sarah Reynolds. The latter's mother was Mary, daughter of William Hall, and granddaughter of John Hall. This John Hall's parents were William Hall and Alice Tripp. Alice Tripp came in the "Mayflower." Joseph S. Madison graduated in 1881 from the Greenwich Academy. The family name is variously spelled Madison, Mathewson and Matteson. Joseph S. Madison married in 1888 a daughter of Nathaniel S. Allen, and granddaughter of the later Elder Allen of North Kingstown.

William G. Madison, born in East Greenwich, is a son of Green Madison, and a grandson of Ezekiel. He spend his early years in a cottonmill until 25 years old, at Valley Falls, R. I. He then came to North Kingstown to aid his then feeble father on the farm. He has been seven or eight years in the North Kingstown town council as a democrat.

Mrs. Emily Madison was born in Cumberland, Providence county, in 1847, and is a daughter of George S. Havens. She was married in 1879 to Thomas E. Madison who died in 1885, aged 55 years. He was a son of Joseph Madison, and grandson of Ezekiel. Mr. and Mrs. Madison's two children are George E. and Thomas E.



Ancestry Chart of Joseph Warren Madison

              +--+ 6-Henry Matteson,b.October 1646,d.Abt 1690
           +--+ 5-Thomas Matteson,b.Abt 1672,d.January 19, 1740
           |  |    
           |  +--+ 6-Hannah Parsons,b.August 7, 1646,d.After August 9, 1693
        +--+ 4-Joseph Matteson,b.July 1, 1705,d.February 9, 1758
        |  |    
        |  +--- 5-Martha Shippee,b.1667,d.???
     +--+ 3-Ezekiel Matteson,b.Abt 1743,d.1811
     |  |          
     |  |     +--- 6-James Green,d.???
     |  |     | 
     |  |  +--+ 5-John Greene,b.September 30, 1685,d.December 8, 1757
     |  |  | 
     |  +--+ 4-Martha Greene,b.May 19, 1712,d.???
  +--+ 2-Joseph Madison,b.March 3, 1792,d.August 9, 1877
  |  |             
  |  |        +--+ 6-Henry Matteson,b.October 1646,d.Abt 1690
  |  |        | 
  |  |     +--+ 5-Joseph Matteson,b.1678,d.Abt 1758
  |  |     |  |    
  |  |     |  +--+ 6-Hannah Parsons,b.August 7, 1646,d.After August 9, 1693
  |  |     | 
  |  |  +--+ 4-Josiah Matteson,b.1720,d.Abt February 1801
  |  |  |  |       
  |  |  |  |  +--+ 6-Clement Weaver,b.1647,d.September 18, 1691
  |  |  |  |  | 
  |  |  |  +--+ 5-Rachel Weaver,b.December 24, 1684,d.May 29, 1776
  |  |  |     |    
  |  |  |     +--- 6-Rachel Andrews,b.April 9, 1654,d.December 10, 1712
  |  |  | 
  |  +--+ 3-Rosanna Matteson,b.1749,d.???
  |     |       
  |     |  +--- 5-John Nichols,b.1682,d.???
  |     |  | 
  |     +--+ 4-Mercy Nichols,b.March 22, 1722,d.Bef April 24, 1815
  |        |    
  |        +--- 5-Rachel,b.1686,d.???
--+ 1-Joseph Warren Madison,b.September 20, 1820,d.September 2, 1900
  |  +--- 3-John Fowler,b.1767,d.1842
  |  | 
  +--+ 2-Celia Fowler,b.April 9, 1798,d.May 14, 1871
     +--- 3-Elizabeth Carr,b.June 29, 1772,d.1802

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