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Transcribed by Marge Matteson

Source: West Greenwich Land Evidence New Series Book 6, pages 74-75

Edmund Matteson to Stukely Matteson
Dated January 27, 1820

Know all men by these presents that I Stukley Matteson
of WestGreenwich in the County of Kent and State of
Rhode island (symbol) am holden and firmly bounden and
Obliged unto Edmund Matteson my father of
the Same WestGreenwich in the Sum of One Thousand
Dollars to be paid to the Said Edmund Matteson for
for the payment of which well and Truly to be made
and done I bind Myself My heirs Executors and Admin
istrators firmly by these presents Sealed with my Seal
and dated the 27th day of January AD 1820 ~~~~
            The Condition of the above Obligation is Such
That Whereas the above named Edmund Matteson hath
this day Conveyed by Deed to the above bound Stukley
Matteson all his Estate Real and Personal in WestGreen
-wich upon Condition or in Consideration Whereof
the Said Stukley doth Agree to pay all the Just and
Lawfull Debts of the Said Edmund and furnish the
Said Edmund with Suitable Meat Drink Clothing
washing and Lodging and Generally Such things as
Shall be Convenient and Necessary for the Upholding of
Life and for the Comfort of the Said Edmund, for and
during the Term of his Natural Life, and that the
Said Edmund Shall Live in and with the family of the
Said Stukley untill It Shall be Convenient for the Said
Stukley to build a house or Room on the above Named
Estate for the Reception of the Said Edmund, after which
the Said Stukley to Supposrt his Said father in the House
or Room which he may build on Said premises in manner
aforesaid. It being his Choice to Live there. Now Know
Ye that if the above bound Stukley Matteson his heirs

end page 74

Executors or Administrators Shall well and Timely pay all
the Just Debts of the Said Edmund and Support him the
Said Edmund during his Natural Life in Manner as
aforesaid Then their Obligation Shall be Void and of none
Effect, Otherwise to be and Remain in full force and
Virtue—Signed Sealed
                                              }       Stukley Matteson {Seal}
and delivered in presence of
Witness Jona Nichols
       John B. Matteson

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