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Following is a letter written by William P. Mattison (Reuben's son) to the 3 oldest children of my gr gr grandfather Asa (David's son). These 3 children were born in VT. Three more born in Wi and then 2 in Dakota. Asa and Mary Ann had a total of 10 children. So Wm. doesn't seem to know there were more children born after the family left VT.

Below is another letter written informing the family of grandmother Hannah's death.

by: Michalene Cardella

Re: David Matteson Estate


South Shaftsbury, Vt., June 4, 1869
Cousin Wesley,

A lawyer in this place by the name of Johnson has shown me some letters and papers from you and cousin Esther and Fay, asking for information in regard to our grandfathers property left by will to Uncle Asa and heirs and also about the property left by our grandmother at her decease.

I wish to say to you that Father (Reubin Mattison) died last December as you have doubtless heard he, as executor of Grandfathers Will, has paid all the legatees - except Uncle David and Uncle Asa's heirs and would have paid them before this if he could have done so but under the advise of Council he determined to wait until the youngest child of each should become of age. Acting for those interested in fathers Estate I am ready to discharge his obligations as Executor of David Mattisons Will and upon your furnishing me the necessary proof that you, Esther, Wesley & Fay are the only surviving children of Asa Mattison, I will pay over the amount your due - The proof must be such as will satisfy the Judge of Probate here - (illegible)

I have been to see the Judge of Probate once about the matter but his books were in such confusion (from having had a fire and burning his office) that he requested me to wait until he had restored order. I shall go to Bennington tomorrow and if I get any information of importance enough will write you - I am anxious to have the matter closed up -

In regard to grandmothers effects, I was present when an inventory of these was taken, as her maintainance and support was provided for previous to Grandfathers death, he left her nothing in his will - The Probate Court gave her the household goods those she had given away to her children already. At the inventory after her death, were present, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Aurilla, the heirs of two other children, and Father. They decided that what she left was not of sufficient value to justify an auction so they thought best to divide the things into as many different parcels as there were, her children in number and apportion them by lot - My sister informs me that the portion that fell to Uncle Asa is now at the old Homestead - in charge of another sister but think they are not of sufficient value to pay expense of transportation to Iowa - I will get them if you so wish and hold them subject to your orders.

Is Aunt Mary Ann (your mother) living - will need you if she is with you have her apprised of the matter by showing her this letter. If she is living I deem it absolutely necessary that she make affidavit of the number of children she had by Asa Mattison the date of birth - and numbers and names of those now living - The sum left by Grandfather was small and can easily be eaten up by expenses - I would advise economy in the means you take to get it - I shall direct this under cover to Geo. W. Wakefield Sioux City, Iowa as I do not know your Post Office address - Please write me anything you choose about the matter about yourself, families, if you have any - and accept the best wishes of your Cousin Wm. P. Mattison

Re: Death of Hannah Matteson
(David Matteson's wife)


Shaftsbury, June 27, 1858

Dear friends in Iowa,

I (take) this opportunity to inform you of the sad news of Grand-mother.  She died last Wednesday June 16th at half pass eight o'clock AM.  The Wednesday previous to her death, as she was going down the stairs in our house she fell down two steps.  She said she got as far as the broad step (& there if you can remember, the steps turn) and (  ) she came to fall the rest of the way & she cant say anything about.  We hastened to her as soon as possible and assisted her to her room and went for the doctor.  He came and said her kidneys were injured that he could render no aid.   (    ) she must die.   (Large ink spot) five or 6 days and a little over half in intense agony & (  ) ( ) we believed.  During the time between her accident & death, she had not eaten a mouthful of nourishment, nor could we prevail on her too.  Neither during that time was their the least discharge of water.  It was this causing inflamation caused her so much pain.  She had her right mind until she died though she was in such intense agony that she scarce ever spoke, only when questioned, though she seemed to think she must die - for she expressed the thought that she would never get well again.  I believe I have written all the particulars now but if there is anything you would like to know just write and (  ) any of us be pleased to answer any & all questions you wish to ask.

Hoping you will write us soon
I remain as ever
Leland J Mattison

Our family send kind regards to you all - Leland

Photos and letters from: Michalene Cardella

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